International Visitors

everybody is welcome

For this PixelShow we'll try to make it easier for international sceners to join our party!.

Here you can find all the info you'll need.
If you still have questions unanswered contact us

Travel by train

Tooo tooo

Supposing that those international visitors who decide to travel by train are those balkan neighbors of ours, we cannot help but propose the "Balkan Flexipass".

This is a rail pass valid for Bulgaria, Greece, FYRoM, Romania, Turkey and Serbia-Montenegro. It costs 49E for people under 26 and about 83E for people above 26, offering 5 days of train travelling over a month's period. You can find details here or by googling. Please note that the aforementioned prices are for second class tickets. First class tickets, as commonly proposed online, are double the price.

For example, a 24 year old scener from Istanbul could follow the next itinerary: Istanbul to Athens (via Thessaloniki), Athens to Patras and back. Total cost with balkan flexipass, 48E (+ supplements if a sleeper train is used).

Travel by plane

the yuppie way

There are various budget carriers that fly between Athens and various destinations throughtout europe. has a comprehensive list of them.

Araxos airport at Patras also hosts some budget airlines, mainly from Germany. Check them here. Getting from Araxos to Patras can be tricky, but if you decide to arrive there let us know, we might be able to help.


won't sleep outside

Although the acclaimed matress mountain is not a venue feature any more, there will be lots of sleeping space available throughtout the party place. Just remember to bring a sleeping bag along.

If sleeping on some party floor is too hard for your back, you can try Patras Youth Hostel (+30 2610 427278). It's not close to the partyplace, but it's a cheap solution.

Also, there is always the couchsurfing way :-)