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Results Finally.

Soo the results are here and finally are uploaded. Soo Ladies and gentlemen clap your hands to the winners:

The gamedev compo did not take place as we had lot of technical problems on sunday morning. Anyway guys, I'm teeribly sorry for any trouble caused. For more info contact me via email.

Finally you can visit this link for the prods.

Thank you!

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to those people that made this event great!

  • The people who attended! THANK YOU! Without your love and support, this party would definately not be what it is today: The definitive Greek demo and lan party!
  • ODDIE! WE LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY, GIRL! You were the glue that held this show together!
  • amv for his original idea for the pixelshow logo.
  • iM for helping us finish the logo on time!
  • moT for creating and running the voting system!
  • Nuclear/The Lab for drinking all of our Jack Daniels!
  • JObo for helping us wire the network and hosting the site!
  • bakira for helping us with the electrical work!
  • Ritual for rewiring that melt-down extension cord at 4:30 in the morning!
  • Amigo for providing us with great music, great food and all the Coke we could drink!
  • nlogn and Zafos for their support and insight on how to run a show on a string budget!
  • The Network Task Team of the Dorms of the University of Patras! (Please email  Das Lougra with your complete name and nickname and i'll post them here)
  • ZoUzOuLoS for providing us with his um... *ahem* voice :D


Last but not least, we would like to extend our thanks and sincere gratitude to the University of Patras and its people (administrative and security staff) that allowed us to host the party in the theater of the dorms and giving us staff support at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday (You don't see that happening often in a Greek Institution)!

Game over man! Game over!!!

We're done! Mission accomplished! According to an informal poll (by counting the leased IP address on the network), we counted 110 unique computers on our network! Thank you, all, for making this event one of the largest in the history of the Greek demoscene! Thanks to RiTuaL  for that tidbit of info about the number of unique computers on our network!

3 Days

Finally the schedule is up. Three days left. Everything seems to be fine till now and I can't wait for the moment we setup the sound system and the projector. So, get ready. Find your utp cables,switch,computer,power extension cords,headset and all the usual stuff that will make your life a lot easier.

Do not forget to check the schedule link which is on your LEFT (ok uncle ? ).

Party packs availiable

We have ready the details about the party packs of the party:
T-shirts, Posters and Stickers are there for you.
Check out the "party pack" section of the site for more information about the pack, and how to preorder it.

Oh, and by the way, we are really working hard to make this party an one of a kind experience to all of you.
We are only two weeks away, and we can't wait!
Just get your compos participations ready, and see you there!

Register NOW

As of this time you can register your attedance and book a place for PixelShow 2005 event.

Please do read the all our pages first and make sure you understand the rules of the party. We don't like playing cops, so please do respect them.

Now, don't hesitate and register!

Invitation intro released

ASD and theLab released today the invitation intro for the PixelShow 2005 event.

You can get it on the Invitation intro pages. Please don't forget to leave a comment on its pouet.net pages.

Thanks ASD and theLab!
See you at the party!

Competitions and rules!

Information about the competitions that will be held is now availiable at the compos section.
Please take a good read at each compo's rules if you plan to participate.

A new demoparty is born!

PixelShow is a new demoparty which will take place this year for the first time, in patras during the weekend 22, 23, 24 April (friday - sunday).

For more details check the links of the navigation menu.

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