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How to reach the partyplace

From the City of Patras

In case you are already in Patras, you can get to the partyplace by using local buses or a taxi. If you want to take a bus you should do so by waiting for Bus No 6 in one of Korinthou Avenue's many bus stops. Buses operate all day except from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am.

From other cities

You can reach Patras by using either train or bus ( www.ktel.org ).

In case you are using a car you should follow the exit lane to your right hand, immediately after the toll station.You will be able to see the signs "Agios Vassilios", "Rio" and "Hospital". After 300 meters the road splits, so follow the left lane that passes right bellow the bridge, and after 500 meters you will see the University Hospital. This is where the University area begins. The Campus is in the eastern part of the University area.

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