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When and where

PixelShow will take place during 22 - 24 of April at the theater of Patra's University campus. Exactly in the same spot where ReAct and Gardening 96/97 took place in the past.

See the directions page for detailed instructions on how to reach the partyplace.

What to expect

PixelShow will provide room for as many PCs as possible with ultra-fast LAN and internet connection, big screen, powerfull sound-system, and tons of demos playing constantly on the big screen.

Many great compos, demo, music, graphics, wild (check the relevant section for details and rules) as well as fun outdoors events!

What to bring

Bring your equipment! A demoparty is not a demoparty without a computer! So don't forget to bring your computer, power extension cords, and anything else you may need

Your Ethernet cable or else you will have to make one at the party. If you a own a switch or a hub , it would be a good idea to bring it with you. (it would be a much better one though to notify one of the organizers if you intend so)

Also, don't forget your personal headset as we won't permit personal mini hi-fi's or speakers that require external power.

Unfortunately the all-time classic feature of this partyplace, the stack of matresses for sleep, are gone. So bring a sleeping bag, or anything that will accomodate your sleeping needs during the party (cars are a popular choice as well).

Power Consumption

A general rule what will apply for everyone is to minimize the power usage.

If you have to choose whether to bring your 19'' CRT or your 17'' LCD prefer the LCD one.

And please fully charge your cell phones one day before you come. Every watt will be crucial at the party.

Thank you for your understanding.

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